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Welcome to SoberControl.com LLC

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

At SoberControl.com LLC, we are dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery from active addiction and maintaining sobriety. Our comprehensive approach combines personal lived experience with elite professional expertise to offer a path towards a healthier, sober lifestyle.

Based in Florida but providing global services, SoberControl.com LLC is committed to breaking down the stigma of addiction and providing tailored support to those in need.

About Us

Founded by David Golding, who has personal experience in recovery and professional expertise in addiction recovery, SoberControl.com LLC brings a unique perspective to addiction support services.

Our founder’s journey from overcoming addiction to helping others is at the heart of our philosophy—offering hope and practical solutions to those seeking a way out from addiction.

David Golding was a successful entrepreneur who created an international group of companies that turned over more than $2Bn. Over a 10-year period, David battled with Sudden Wealth Syndrome and reached his own personal rock bottom from active addiction.

David Golding works with high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, particularly CEOs, C-Suite executives, those at risk of succumbing to sudden wealth syndrome, entrepreneurs, and extended families of intergenerational wealth.

David Golding has assembled a hand-picked team of elite recovery professionals who are all authorities in their respective domains of recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals battling addiction to reclaim control over their lives through compassionate guidance, evidence-based practices, and a supportive community. We understand the challenges of addiction and are here to provide the tools and support necessary for lasting change.

Our international team of elite recovery professionals provides hands-on and exceptional guidance to our discerning clients.


For a complete description of the services SoberControl.com LLC provides, please visit RecoveryVIP.com, which is our global brand offering our elite services to discerning clients.

We provide:

The first and only global addiction and recovery experience on board the World’s finest, luxurious, private fleet of Super Yachts.

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